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Agloves Unisex Sport Touchscreen Gloves


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  1. Denny Davis

    I admit I was skeptical but they actually work with my LG phone. I can answer calls and text just as if I didn’t have on gloves – something I couldn’t do with any of the regular gloves I had. They might be a little thin for severe cold but much better than being without gloves at all. I will definitely be ordering more for Christmas gifts.

  2. Dr. Justin Yoshida

    With my job, I often have to conduct work in the cold and these gloves have been a true lifesaver during the winter months. Living in the technology age, gloves that allow you to utilize your devices without removing them is essential. These types of gloves have rendered their formers obsolete. One of the aspects that I appreciate about these gloves is that they appear to be just like normal cotton cloves but there seems to be some fine thread that allows them to have touch sensitivity with device screens. This, for me, is a better feature than some other touch screen gloves that have the rubber finger tips that throw off the aesthetic appeal to them. For those that don’t want to look like that have the finger tip component that might not go with you chic outfit for the day, I would recommend these. They are more breathable than leather gloves and a fraction of the cost!

  3. Kente Johnson

    These are the best touchscreen gloves I have used so far. I had to order a new pair because I got holes in the top seams but that seems to be the territory with knitted gloves. I love being able to use any finger on my phone and not having to take off my gloves to get the screen to work.

  4. The Crazy Autist

    I love these gloves. They have a strange “rough” kind of texture that I am somehow attracted to. I’m not sure how to explain it. It’s like a stimulating texture that turns your hands into a tactile antennae. I usually hate rough textures but this is different, pleasant somehow.Many will complain that “the gloves are too small” but if you really think about it, they fit perfect for “phone use”. They fit more like a rubber glove would. As such, you have to work them on slowly and then do that thing where you use the “V” of one hand’s fingers to push into the “V” of the other hand’s fingers. OK? In that way you carefully work the finger portions down into place.Something strange I’ve found though is that these don’t work with my Lenovo Yoga 900 laptop. They work with my Moto G5 Plus phone perfectly. But the touchscreen on the laptop is perhaps a different technology??? I think the touch screens on phone are overall, more sensitive than laptops.I also wear these to keep the friggen mosquitoes from nipping at my knuckles when I’m watching TV. They fit so snug, you can do many tasks while wearing them.

  5. kestergayle

    I have to wear compression gloves because of a circulatory issue in my fingertips. I have a pair that I like, but only the thumb and index finger tips were ‘smart’. Also, the gloves are very thin, and don’t really keep my hands very warm.Then I found these gloves! They can be used as a smart glove over another glove….they don’t need to come into contact with your skin at all! (I have not tried these over heavy gloves, so it’s possible they won’t work with a leather glove or an insulated glove) The entire glove is ‘smart’, which I love. I normally use my middle finger on my touch screen devices, and now I can again. These are a very cozy gloves, knitted but not bulky at all. They won’t be very warm for outdoor winter weather, so I would suggest layering them with an insulated glove or mitten of some kind when the weather is windy and cold. Perhaps a mitten with the fold-back end? I use them indoors, so my hands are plenty warm. I would love these in other colors, and maybe a slightly lighter weight yarn option.Bottom line: they work exactly as described, are soft and cozy, and are competitively priced. I highly recommend them.

  6. Sarah

    These gloves work better than any other touch screen gloves I have tried. This is because instead of just having a small pad on the finger tip the entire glove is woven with silver thread so any part of your gloved finger tip can work on the screen! They are not especially warm but comparable to other inexpensive small knit gloves and the convenience of being able to use my iPhone screen with them on is nice. I purchased several pairs for gifts too.

  7. Phil

    I’ve looked for quite a while for highly accurate touch screen gloves. The great thing about these is you can touch the screen with any part of your hand (thumb, pointer, knuckle, edge of your thumb etc). If it is going to be very cold out you may want to pair these up with some finger less gloves to keep your hands a bit warmer.

  8. K. Duke

    I had no intention of writing a review, but when I looked at this today thinking I’d buy them for someone as a Christmas Gift, Amazon reminded me that I bought them over 5 years ago. Since I still use them and love them, THAT deserves a review! And since I’m thinking about giving them as a gift, that tells you how much I recommend them.They slide on and off easily. They keep my hands warm enough that I’ve all but given up wearing any other gloves – because the convenience of being able to pull out my phone and use it without taking a glove off is such a benefit.From September through April they live in my purse. They’re small enough that they don’t take up much space, but warm enough I don’t need to carry around my big bulky gloves.Another reviewer said they wouldn’t wear them to shovel snow – I do! Occasionally I’ll put on thicker gloves, but only if it’s well below freezing and there’s more than 6″ of snow to shovel. OR, if I expect to move snow with my gloves. That’s just about the only thing they’re not perfect for.

  9. Patrick

    I did not buy these because it was cold, I bought them because I hate dirty screens so the warmness is not relevant to me. I expected the the gloves would add bulk to my hands and render the keyboard useless as it is borderline useless without the gloves, however it actually seems to hone in the touch making the keys easier to press. Also as said in other reviews it is… glittery, however the appearance is outweighed by the functionality. The gloves are quite soft so it doesn’t itch or scratch the hands. It seems to be fairly sturdy, but I will see over time. I will be posting back after about 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year of use. Overall it is a good product and I will recommend them to others.1 Month:There are small holes, smaller than a BB, in the crook where the thumb and index fingers meet, but I am a bit harsh on stuff so… Either way it still works and the holes haven’t gotten bigger since they appeared.

  10. B

    We’re using these gloves as glove-liners under our snowboarding gloves and they are great!There’s nothing worse than trying to make a call or check messages while riding up on a chairlift . . . have to take off the big boarding gloves, but either worried about your phone slipping out of your hands down to the cliffs below, or taking off your glove-liners and freezing your fingers on the ride up.These touch screen gloves have worked just great. They are thin enough to work as glove-liners, and touch screen phones (also tested and work on ipads too) are just as responsive as they are using your bare fingers.Their thinness makes them perfect as liners however, make no mistake that these could be used as stand-alone winter gloves. Perhaps for driving or running errands around town, but they are no substitute for insulated winter gloves.Added thing that I like about these, is that they are basic black and don’t have goofy colored finger-tips like many others I’ve seen out there.

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