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Aienid Ring Necklace for Women Silver Stainless Steel Pendant Chains Necklace Rose Gold with Cz


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Product Description

necklace for couples

Aienid jewelry was created in a beautiful love story, and hopes it will bring the best wishes to every love.

Just for you

I Love You Necklace

his and her necklaceI love you to moon and back

True love is invincible.

Love: Before I met her, I never thought about getting married; after I got to her, I never thought about picking up another woman.

couples necklace

Design Concept

Engraving: Whenever my heart is saying to you: I love you. Did you hear it?

Bead: Love, not only sweet, but also bitter, it makes people’s moods change all the time, always happy or sad because of his or her words or an action. This color-changing bead necklace will show how your mood is, and what color is your love?

bead necklace

About Bead

Color Changing Bead: also called Mood bead, made of temperature change color liquid crystal refined. The color changing bead can sense your temperature and test your mood. The unique temperature-sensitive materials, sensitive to temperature. The mood changes, the body temperature will fluctuate, the bead can be based on changes in human temperature and show different colors.


Color Meaning:

Black: stress

Pink: fear and anxiety

Red: adventure, full of energy, passion and motivation

Yellow: creativity and imagination

Green: calm mood

Blue: happiness and relaxation

Purple: passion and romance

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Gifts Occasions

Valentine’s Day: Your accompany makes each day is Valentine’s Day, it’s so intoxicating. Anniversary: I can think of the most romantic thing is to grow old with you. For me, it’s enough to have you in the rest of my life. Wedding: Marriage is the new process of our love but not the grave, from now on, let’s go together. Christmas: Jesus witnesses our love, snowflakes bless our love, I believe that our love is forever.


Couple-1, Her King His Queen, I Love You, Men-1Pcs, Women-1Pcs

  1. sam

    You get what you pay for, this isn’t a high quality product, but it is exactly what’s advertised. I bought the pair, and both of them look as they do in the picture. It comes with 3 different chains, with the original black one attached. I will say this, the original black one is basically a thread that is knotted, so it will come undone quite often, and you will have to remake the knot. You could switch to one of the chains if you wanted to however.

  2. David

    Packaging was good. Came with everything shown and listed. The string is short but the chains that come with it are long. And theres 2 link sizes. For Him and Her which i think is perfect. I love how there is an option. The bead does work and seems to be pretty accurate. If you are looking for something for your loved one and want something to show how you feel for them i recomend this. We both love the meaning to these necklaces.

  3. Shyla Culver

    I love that it came in a cute little white box with a bow. Great quality, just noy as detailed as it looks in the picture. Also they sent me a chain if i wanted to switch it. Thanks guys !! I highly recommend for anyone looking for something cute

  4. William Wheelwright

    My wife and I have been married for 22 years. This year I was looking for a simple gift that would be meaningful. Both she and I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. She loved the couple necklace set. The set arrived in a small velvet pouch. Each necklace came with an extra string and a silver chain, that she has worn once. The mood bead changes color constantly. We have worn them for two weeks, morning and night and love them. A great gift, no matter how long you’ve known each other.

  5. Theresa

    I was very skeptical about ordering this…but for the price I bought it…and I received it very quickly…I was surprised it came with both chains and black strings. The rings themselves are very good quality…the ring is about a size 7, 7 1/2 based on it fits my ring finger! 🙂 Very pretty

  6. Lesia J Fields

    Love the results on the customization! I ordered these for my daughter and her boyfriend and they are so pleased. The original post had a different inscription so I messaged the seller and was answered right away and given the best customer service with the exact inscription I requested! I did think the cord was more of a “cord” rather than a clothlike material but this was not a game changer at all.

  7. Melissa Drozdowski

    Bought as a gift for my daughter so she could turn around and give it to her boyfriend for Christmas. They both loved it. Original cord was a little short but it was no problem getting it switched out to a longer cord (we had some already). Rings and beads were well made, looks great.


    I already wrote a review. Just wanted to note that I wished the woman’s ring was a little bigger. It is very adorable and I would have worn the ring on my finger not just as a necklace. Also, the ring is very smooth and comfortable – would have been perfect to wear as a ring on my finger.

  9. Roxann & Brian Eis

    My husband can’t wear a ring at work because he handles electronics but he can if it’s on a cord. So this was a great option for us as an extra ring-or day time one.

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