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Portable Door Lock Brace Home Security

$68.99 $44.99

  • STRONG AND POWERFUL – the latest updated version is now constructed of rugged steel for increased strength.
  • ENJOY PERSONAL SECURITY no matter where you are. Measuring 4.75 inches H x 2.75 inches W and weighing 8 oz, the portable door barricade keeps you safe at home, at the office, at school and on vacation.
  • COMPATIBLE with all types of flooring, the innovative system of hinges and angles anchor it firmly to carpeted, tiled and laminate floors when outside pressure is exerted on the door.
  • TAKES ONLY SECONDS to install and remove. No tools are required to implement this revolutionary home security device. In case of emergency, you can easily remove it with an upward motion.
  • ADJUSTABLE neoprene extension foot needs only 0.3-inch of clearance, and can be used with doors that have high thresholds. Sleep tight in your dorm or hotel room, and protect yourself at work or school.

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